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Calico - the home of my sewing works. Everything from shirts and skirts to quilts and bags, you can find all my mundane sewing right here on this page.
A few of these are from Way Back When (aka my high school textiles class) and will be labelled as such.

I owe a dedication to my Grandma - a very talented seamstress how actually works as a professional costume designer.
She has helped my on a few of these projects and has even made some very awesome pieces of clothing for me. Thanks GMA.

I'll also give a shout-out to Vouge Sewing and Simplicity. If you can find any of their sewing books,
I highly recommend giving them a read. (That is, if you yourself want to sew).

You'll probably notice that there's a certain fashion style I quite like: Lolita Fashion. True to one of it's titles, it is very elegant.
A fashion style based on the Rococo period and the Victorian period, it places emphasis on beautiful modesty. A style which I quite appreciate in this season of 'less-is-more' fashion.
These are two very good links;
Lolita Fashion - Wikipedia --- Lolita

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