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Pictures coming soon...

Lace Up Top
A black satin top I cut from a pattern. I added the lace and the ribbon up the front. It was meant to have boning but I forgot about it and only remembered after I'd finished it. Oops. Kudos to GMA for putting the open-side-zip in for me.
This is a favourite top of mine, and it wasn't too difficult. The hardest part was the lining.

Oil Spill Skirt
A when told to make a formal skirt I was thrilled - I just kept seeing this material everytime I'd go into a material shop. Now, finally, an excuse to make it. Foil over the top with a single tulle layer, this is actually a rather versitile skirt. It can be worn to it's natural mid-shin length or it can be rolled up to any length. On the point of rolling the skirt shorter, the tulle and foil materials can be independantly rolled, giving a nice set of layers.

Buckled Skirt
Inspired by the wonderful costumes of the titular Princess Ai, this was worn to my year 12 formal. (For those out of the country - that's the big dance for the last year of school).
I actually have no credit as far as the sewing of this goes, but I did design it.
The skirt can be worn with or withour the hoop-skirt underneath.

Sandal Shirt
A home-screened "Enchantment? Enchantment!" t-shirt. Based off of Sandal from Dragon Age. (Dragon Age belongs to Bioware).

X-mas Lolita
A Lolita design for christmas.

Gingerbread Man
A Kodona design of mine, based on (you guessed it) a gingerbread man.

The Ultimate Lolita Challenge
One day, I got an idea into my idea. "I know," inner me said, "How about we design an outfit for every. Single. Lolita. Style." And so I did. So now I have 15 (or 16 if you include the CosPlay Lolita design) designs just waiting to be brought to life.

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