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This page is all about the game, 'Star Wars: The new Sith Order' [created by OrangeApple].
This game is rather early in-developement - it's not even officially announced yet (lyk srsly, how u find dis page???)
I plan for it to be a 3D RPG (I tip my credit and dedication to you, Bioware). You play as Padawan Carrie as you recruit allies and complete a mission for the Jedi Council.
Originally, this was going to be a 'moral choice' game (with the 'Dark/Light Side of the Force' meter) but the idea changed as I wrote the story. I wanted a strong 'Dark Side' ending and the ending I wrote ended up being very strong. I was also very drawn to the idea of the 'bad guys winning' as it is a rare occurance in fiction.
That being said, I still have an idea for a 'Light Side' ending, and so the game may still turn back into a moral choice.

feel free to wish it luck!

Title: Star Wars: The New Sith Order
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, Fan
Protaginist: Caranesda 'Carrie' Nye
Antagonist: Slavers!(/Sith) (*laughs* I'll get around to the specifics.)
Guide Character: -
Setting: Future Star Wars (A century or so after last EU)
Game Format: 3D RPG, (possibly moral choice)

Draft 0% (There is a BIT of an outline...)
Story 0%
Programming 0%
Character Art 0%
Background Art 0%
Still-Scene Art 0%

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