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This page is all about the game, 'PuNk' [created by OrangeApple].
This game is very, very early in-developement - it's not even officially announced yet (lyk srsly, how u find dis page???)
I plan for it to be in 2D, something similar to a flash game, and I'm tossing up whether it will be Point&Click or WASD/ArrowKeys controlled. I'm taking heavy influence for the style from some of my favourite NewGrounds games and from the 1990 style adventure games (hence the 2D and the Point&Click tendancies).

Please wish it luck!

Title: PuNk
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Suspense
Protaginist: YOU
Antagonist: ??? [Currently none. None but your own ignorance.]
Main Support Character (1):
Guide Character: N/A [Currently none. Helps with the mystery, dunnit? Not having someone hold your hand.]
Setting: Future (Probably a 'Dystopia')
Game Format: Point&Click or WASD/ArrowKeys

Draft 0%
Story 0%
Programming 0%
Character Art 0%
Background Art 0%
Still-Scene Art 0%

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