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The Star Of Basmuth

One day, you're making friends, doing favours and you're biggest question is what kind of genetically-modified pet you'll get.
The next you're home town is on fire, your parents have been taken and you're biggest question is who did it.

The Star of Basmuth is the first game by OrangeApple. In a visual novel style format,
it follows Ruby's quest to get the powerful Star of Basmuth - and to save the country from the destruction that Lord Vencer would've brought.

Still being programmed, wish me luck?

Title: The Star of Basmuth
Genre: Action-Adventure, Science Fiction
Protaginist: Ruby [Default Name]
Antagonist: Lord Vencer
Main Support Character (1): Topaz [Default Name]
Main Support Character (2): Onyx [Default Name]
Guide Character: Gizem
Setting: Future
Game Format: Moral Choice, 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

Draft 100%
Story 90% (Flexible as I program)
Programming 30%
Character Art 0%
Background Art 0%
Still-Scene Art 0%