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The Elite Five

The Five Elites: Five people with only one thing in common; their love of causing havoc (and even then, 'common' is only used loosely).
The Five Elites are a gang. They have five 'offical' members and one rumoured member.
There are two main forms of 'Elites': Technological and Biological. But this mainly applies to the girls. Basically, technological explains everything in a more 'realistic' fashion, but biological treads into the fantasy side of the spectrum.
The Elite Five were first formed by a boy and girl both in their mid-teens. The girl was known as Catseye and the boy known as Snake. The two of them realised their similar love for havoc and decided to go out and create havoc of their own.

It took a month, but they locally became known as 'Elite Criminals'.

It was a combination of Catseye's paranoia and Snake's knowledge of the streets that kept them out of gaol.

While doing a 'round' [aka committing a series of crimes] in a rich suburb, Catseye and Snake were found by a rich boy, also in his mid-teens. He requested to become one of them. After a 'test', they accepted.

It took a fortnight for the newest, under the title of The Brat Prince, to become known as an Elite Criminal.

In town, there was a riot. Catseye, Snake and The Brat Prince heard about it and showed up, scattering the participants more efficeintly and quicker than any cop. But one little girl stayed behind and approached them. She had heard about them, and wanted to join. After a test of her own, they agreed.

It took only four days for this primary-school-criminal, known as The Vampire Claudia, to become known as an Elite Criminal.

A man known as Mark (who ran his own gang) decided to attempt to 'finish' the four elite criminals anyway he could. They had a confrontation and, even though the four of them didn't technically loose, they didn't exactly win either. The four of them decided they needed someone else.

They found a man who would be known as Armegeddon. An ex-solider who was kicked out of the army, but still had a lot left over. The Brat Prince paid him a monthly fee and Armegeddon became their 'firepower'.

They faced off with Mark again, this time killing him. That was all it took for Armegeddon to become known as an elite criminal.

But The Vampire Claudia has a brother in his mid-teens. When he found out that his sister was The Vampire Claudia and became an 'honourary-elite' known as The Vampire Louis. He is only in this position so he can take care of his sister as much as he can.

The Vampire Louis is known as a rumoured 'sixth-elite'. He doesn't share the like for what the Five Elites do, but he knows he can't stop his sister, so instead he does his best to look out for her.

The Five Elites (or Elite Five) were named by the public. The five of them never gave their gang a name. Simply, they were five of them and they all had a reputation of being an 'Elite Criminal'.

Each Elite has a generic appearance, key features that are always recognisable.

I quite like writing the 5 Elites into fanfictions, but none have been published. I'm writing one (or two, depending on how much I bully myself) basic story about the 5 Elites before I publish actual fanfictions with them.

The following are their profiles.
I would like to mention at this point that these WERE NOT the original Elites. They have been modified since their first creation. Things like Snake and The Brat Prince were once one character and The Vampire Claudia was based on her Anne Rice counterpart a lot more.
I'd also like to say that Catseye was inspired by little-ole-me. But I'll say no more on that.


Name: Catseye, 'Kitty Lui'
Gender: Female
Age: Late teens (17-21) (around Snake's age)
Ethnicity: Australian/Japanese
Hair: Dark black, chin length, roughly chopped at the end (sometimes a thick straight fringe at brow level). Also has black cat ears perched atop her head.
Eyes: Golden in colour and cat-like in style. Thin (because of heritage). She usually wears eyeliner (but not-so-usually mascara).
Skin: Eastern complexion, a few faint scars and scratches.
Body: Thin and not too curvy, very flexible.
Clothing: Her usual attire is shiny black leather from chin to fingertips to tips-of-her-toes. This is broken up into; a long sleeve top that covers most of her neck with a zip down the front, full-length pants (button fly is hidden), knee-high block heeled boots (over her pants), elbow length gloves (over her sleeves) and a belt. She also has what appears to be a tail coming from the back of her pants and she has claw-like blades that come from her fingertips (each blade is about twice as long as her finger).
Personality: Though the 5 Elites have no leader, it's Catseye that tends to get her way most of the time. She's very playful and has a hard time taking anything seriously. She has a feline-complex, so she tends to 'play' with people (or other creatures or objects) before actually killing them.
She is loud and crazy and (along with The Brat Prince) loves to show off or get up on a stage. Catseye is rather prone to speaking in an odd way (she'll speak in a code she makes up as she speaks).
She's best known for torturous crimes.
Kitty Lui: Catseye's 'civilian alias'. When ever she wants to be not so obvious that she's Catseye she dresses down as Kitty Lui. Not much changes when she dresses down; her eyes are still golden, btu they aren't cat-like (rather they are human style eyes but golden). She still wears all black, but it's not leather (it's just cotton or deniem). She wears a turtle neck top and long bootleg jeans. She wears the same gloves and boots, but she wears them under her sleeves and jeans.
Biological: Catseye when she actually is part-cat. She has human-scaled cat ears (instead of human ears), her eyes actually are cat eyes, her claws are real (though still just as long), her tail is real and she has a cats jaw. Basically she's pretty much a Neko. This 'biological' form is either supernatural or very advanced genetic technology.
Realistic: Catseye when she is completely goverened by modern realism. Her golden cat eyes are contacts, her 'claws' are retractable knives hidden in her gloves, her ears are on a headband and her 'tail' is actually a whip.
Technological: A shade between realistic and biological, her tail and ears can still twitch and move via highly advanced biotics. Anamalistic: When Catseye isn't humoniod at all. She (well, duh) is a cat. She a slick, smooth, shiny black coat (resembling her usual leather). Her claws and teeth are longer than average (and her tail tends to be longer and skinnier as well). She still, of course, has her trademark golden cat's eyes.
Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). This means slight tweaking for each fandom, but each other variation is based on one of the three above.
Some fandom's require a more of a ret-con, but I won't go into details.
I lie here are details:
Fandom: description
Harry Potter: Biological. It makes sense that there actually could be a part-human part-cat species.
Avatar The Last Airbender: Biological. I dunno, I just figure, with all the part-thi-part-that animals in that universe, you'd think humans would mutate as such as well. So, she is a human-cat. And with an acrobatic fighting style.
Artemis Fowl: Technological. Possibly stolen from faeries. Heh heh.


Name: Snake
Gender: Male
Age: Late teens (15-21) (around Catseye's age)
Ethnicity: Spanish
Hair: His hair is a dusty brown, but it's hard to tell since he has a buzz cut.
Eyes: Dark, dark brown.
Skin: Olive/tan (Spanish complexion).
Body: Well built with definate muscle on him.
Clothing: He usually wears a singlet top with a jacket or a hoodie over the top. He has baggy jeans and chunky sneakers. He always has a switchblade knife stashed somewhere on his person. Personality: Snake would be the sanest (along with Armageddon) of the 5 Elites. He was a bit of a gangster before he became elite and it shows. He doesn't mess around when he decides to kill someone, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's a very capeable fighter even without his switchblade. Snake doesn't let himself get drawn into most of Catseye and The brat Prince's antics, but tends to laugh at them from a sideline.
He's best known for murder crimes.
Fantastical: (Snake hasn't really got a 'fantasical' side.) Realistic: Snake when he is completely goverened by modern realism. (... aka how Snake is ALL THE TIME).
Anamalistic: When Snake isn't humoniod at all, he tends to be (oh wow really?) a snake. A Montpellier snake, to be exact. His snake eyes are the same dark, dark, brown. Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). Snake's character means that he is rarely changed from what he already is, but sometimes there are fandoms that require a few changes.

Fandom: description

The Brat Prince

The Brat Prince
Name: The Brat Prince, ('Brat" when people are annoyed at him, 'Prince' when people are happy with him)
Gender: Male
Age: Late teens (15-21), but always two years older than Catseye and Snake.
Ethnicity: English.
Hair: He has stylish blonde hair, parted to one side but still hanging over his face a bit.
Eyes: Deep blue and a flirty glint.
Skin: Slightly tanned, western complexion.
Body: He has a lean frame, but doesn't work out (or anything like that).
Clothing: The Brat Prince has very unusual attire. He wears a suit jacket, suit pants, formal shoes, a button-up shirt (first third of the buttons undone) and a top hat. But the most unusual thing is that the jacket, pants and hat are a bright, neon purple and that the shirt, shoes and hatband are a bright, lime green. He also carries a cane with purple varnished wood and a copper-green bulb ontop and copper-green sharp spike on the bottom.
Personality: The Brat Prince is basically the 5 Elite's piggy bank. Since his father is boss a a business and has so much money invested, The Brat Prince is absolutly loaded. He loves to smash or stab with his cane, but he is also very lusty so sexual attacks are a favourite of his too. He is a huge show off and will rarely let anyone top him at something. He loves prancing about with Catseye and can truley live up to his name by acting just like a spoilt brat.
He's best known for his sexual assault crimes.
Techno-Freak: There is a common variation were The Brat Prince is extremly good with computers. A hacker type guy is the only thing the 5 Elites are really missing, so The Brat Prince fills this roll on ocassion.
Fantastical: The Brat Prince hasn't got much of a 'fantasical' side, the only fantasy thing about him is that sometimes he is depicted as actually being a Prince or a King (or some other royal position).
Realistic: The Brat Prince how he is normally, he bends this rule slightly by not really having a plausible excuse for being so goddamn rich.
Anamalistic: When The Brat Prince isn't humoniod at all. After much deliberation, I decided that The Brat Prince would commonly be a bird. it makes sense - in avain culture it's the males that preen and make themselves pretty for their potential mates. His colours range between yellow, purple and green, his eyes always have a deep blue tint to them.
Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). The Brat Prince is rarely changed from what he already is, but when he is changed he is a further variation of one of the above.

Fandom: description

The Vampire Claudia

The Vampire Clauida
Name: The Vampire Claudia, 'Claud', 'Vamp Claud'
Gender: Female
Age: Child (6-10)
Ethnicity: French
Hair: Thick, rich blonde curls/ringlettes.
Eyes: Light, crystal blue eyes.
Skin: Smooth pale, milky> Body: Average body of a young girl.
Clothing: Entertaining her notion of being a 'vampire', The Vampire Claudia dresses in olden day style clothes. She wears elaborate dresses with under-skirts and petticoats and lots of lace and ribbon. Basically upper class dresses of the elizabethian era. She wears white stockings and white gloves.
Personality: The Vampire Claudia is the youngest (by far) of the 5 Elites, but she doesn't act it - she's in fact probably the most mature Elite in the group. She rarely speaks and does so in a quiet voice. Keeping true to her 'vampire' name, she adores biting (and sometimes scratching) people. She is overlooked and underestimated because of her age. She looks up to Catseye a lot, and looks to Catseye for reassurance. she is naturally very fast and stronger than she looks.
She's best known for tricking people into vunerablity.
Fantastical: The Vampire Claudia when she actually is a vampire. The basic deal, fangs, sharp nails, super speed, super strength, any combanation of these.
Realistic: The Vampire Claudia when she's not really a vampire. Her canine's are filed into fangs and she still loves to bite, but it's all just a love for blood rather than actual vampirism.
Anamalistic: When The Vampire Claudia isn't humanoid at all. I have deilberated over this a lot, and havn't come up with anything too satisfactory. She is normally casted as a bat, but other wise is basically the most appropriate animal available - tweaked, so that she still seems a bit vampiristic.
Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). This means slight tweaking for each fandom, but each other variation is based on one of the three above.

Avatar the Last Airbender: Claudia Nosferatu. Cast from the northern Water tribe because of the taboo around being albino, she has mastered the art of blood bending.


Name: Armageddon, "Soldier!"
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (30-50)
Ethnicity: African
Hair: Blad, with scars on his head.
Eyes: Dark hazel.
Skin: Dark brown (dark African complexion).
Body: Very musclely, very fit and generally 'big'.
Clothing: He's normally outfitted in combat gear or someother army uniform, complete with dogtags that now say 'ARMAGEDDON'. He always has a gun somewhere on his person.
Personality: Armageddon has one man differnce from the rest of the Elites; he isn't doing it because he likes it. He is alright with it, but Armageddon is actually hired help (The Brat Prince hires him). He was 'asked to leave' the army, but managed to take a whole lotta weapons with him. He works very profesionally, shoots when told and without question. He is very silent and tends to still talk as if he was in the army (the others usually humor him by trying to speak 'army talk' too).
He's best known for gunmanship.
Fantastical: (Armageddon hasn't really got a 'fantasical' side.) Realistic: Armageddon when he is completely goverened by modern realism. (basically how Armageddon ALWAYS IS).
Anamalistic: When Snake isn't humoniod at all. Armageddon hasn't really got a set animal, bear might be the most appropriate. He is basically the biggest and the strongest - or whatevr animal can us projectiles the best. Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). Armageddon is rarely changed from what he already is, but sometimes there are fandoms that require a few changes.

Avatar The Last Airbender: An Earth Bender hired purely because they realised how much they got their arse-kicked when coming up against other benders.

The Vampire Louis

The Vampire Louis
Name: The Vampire Louis, 'Louis', 'The Sixth Elite'
Gender: Male
Age: Late teen (15-21) (around The Brat Prince's age)
Ethnicity: French
Hair: Neat, light, dull brown.
Eyes: Light, crystal brown eyes.
Skin: Smooth pale, milky> Body: Thin and lithe.
Clothing: Holding true to the notion of being a 'vampire', The Vampire Louis dresses in olden day style clothes. He wears olden style suits with embroidery and puffy sleeves and leggings and buckle shoes and ribbon.
Personality: The Vampire Louis isn't actually a 'real' elite criminal. He only became the rumored 'Sixth Elite' because he is The Vampire Claudia's biological elder brother and feels the brotherly need to look out for her (no matter that she's more of a menance than anything ele out there). he is a quiet sort of boy and interested in books (he'd take a good book over a game of footy anyday - and has). He does go out and party and make a fool of himself and 'have a go' at other people, but he's basically harmless. But whenever The Vampire Claudia could be in real trouble, an abnormal anger washes over him and he becomes unstoppable.
He's best known as the rumored sixth elite criminal.
Fantastical: The Vampire Louis when he actually is a vampire. The basic deal, fangs, sharp nails, super speed, super strength, any combanation of these. he doesn't like to drink from humans (and won't if he can get away with it). He is made into a vampire after his sister (in fact he is made inot a vampire because his sister is one and he wants to still protect her).
Realistic: The Vampire Louis when he's not really a vampire. He's basically just your average teenage boy, unless he thinks Th Vampire Claudia is in danger, then he shows superhuman abilities.
Anamalistic: When The Vampire Louis isn't humanoid at all. Basically he is whatever The Vampire Claudia is, except older.
Other: There are many other small varieties. I love inserting the 5 Elites into fictions (fandoms). This means slight tweaking for each fandom, but each other variation is based on one of the three above.