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Boy Pursues Romance title

In an age old tale of romance, will Cody manage to over come social barriers and win his love?
Watch this young love unfold through the very eyes of one of the besotted teens.

About the Film
Cast & Characters
[Cast and Characters]
The love interest. Jacky is a typical teenager in their last few years of high school. Jacky's shy, but very romantic. This romantic nature leads to merciless teasing from Jacky's friends. It's worth it, though. Especially when Jacky meets Cody online.
Jacky's Actor
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The boy. Cody is a run-of-the-mill bad influence kid. He's in his last few years of high school but it's a wonder he managed to get the grades to get this far. He's actually pretty smart, he just never applies himself. He prefers wasting time on the internet, and was quite glad he does when he finally meets Jacky online.
Cody's Actor
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Jacky's Father
The dad. Father is kind but rather protective. He works a nine-to-five job which keeps him away from his children but also supports them. He's been a little over-protective since his wife passed away, but his strict nature isn't choking his children's freedom so they don't mind.
Father's Actor
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