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Fan Fiction

This is my page for all of my fan fiction works.
Almost all of these can be found on, so feel free to click over there.
Anything finished that's not on can be found on my tumblr.

You may notice, for some reason my completion rate is a lot higher for oneshots than multichapter fics. I have no clue why but it disappoints me. I'll finish them, though. Nothing is abandoned.

Works In Progress
Not quite finished yet, but getting there.

Finished stories with multiple chapters.

Single chaptered stories.

Works In Progress

untitled (K!Erik and FP!Charles) ``` X-Men
From the prompt "King Erik Taking Fairy Prince Charles away to be his *queen* Consort and then Charles giving King Erik Hairs and Lora, Piero and Wanda will be those hairs =D". A multi-chaptered AU story in which Erik is king of a medieval kingdom and Charles is a fairy prince of a nearby forest.

The Voice ``` Harry Potter
Dedicated to Gemini Malfoy-Potter. Harry starts hearing a voice in his head, educating him in all things dark, and the only thing that stops it is Malfoy... DM/HP boyXboy-love Slytherin!Harry Dom!Draco.

Mirror Soul ``` Harry Potter
It is said that when the Mirror Soul brings the reflections together, something great will happen. Not nesecarily the good kind of great either. PreDeathly Hallows.

Harold de Lioncourt ``` Harry Potter
Harry finds out that his father isn't who he thought it was and that he is actually a halfvampire! faced with scared friends and tempting enimies, what will Harry do?

Twilight Re-Write Project ``` Twilight Saga
One of the many ways that the Twilight Saga made me cry in dissappointment was how much potential was lost. Basically, I think I can write the series better than Stephanie Meyer can.
So I'm going to. You know, eventually.


Beating the Magic Out ``` Harry Potter
The Dursley's abused and neglected Harry Potter all in the vain hope that they could 'beat the magic out' of him. What if they'd succeeded? (regular updates)

The Deal ``` Teen Titans (complete)
Kid Flash is so certain that Jinx is good, he's willing to strike a deal with her. But Kid Flash has been consentrating so much on Jinx, is he as certain that he isn't bad? JinxKid Flash, kinda obviously.

Sports ``` Death Note (complete)
When sport becomes compulsory at Whammys, Near has to join. The result is a clash between first and second... NOT YAOI! ... for once


No Hard Feelings ``` X-Men
Originally an attempt at reconciling X-Men: First Class with the other movie canon. Turned into a post-XMFC "What if Charles and Erik didn't immediatly become enemies?". Post-First Class.

Alone On a Night Like This ``` X-Men
The first anniversary is sad in a way unpredicted. Set post-First Class.

A Satellite and A Coin ``` X-Men
Drabble. Erik finds a disturbing similarity between his friend and his enemy. Set during First Class.

A Kiss To Forget ``` X-Men
My take on the Moira/Charles kiss at the end. Set in First Class. Edited.

You've Never Looked More Beautiful, Darling ``` X-Men
Charles is trying very hard not to start laughing. Erik just wants to know what on Earth just happened. Based off of an extended scene (link to scene inside). Set in First Class.

Sleipnir ``` Thor
Thor doesn't like the look his brother his giving that horse. Loki thinks the stallion looks very fine. Norse myth in MCU.

In Which Thor Thinks It Would Be Funny To Pin Everyone To The Ground With Mjölnir ``` Thor
What it says on the tin.

Can We Ask A Favour Of You, Rachel Berry? ``` Glee
A future-fic in which Rachel is a surrogate mum for Kurt and Blaine.

Because Sex Is Actually Kinda Amazing ``` Glee
Wherein Kurt and Blaine realise that sex is on the list of possible things we could be doing.

Shinigami ``` Death Note
Inspired by Re-Light. Two Shinigami talk about the Kira case.

Sick to Death ``` Death Note
Light does something about L's obbsession with sweets. One-shot. No pairing. Inspired by unfortunate incidents at Thai restaurants.

Magazines ``` Death Note
Mello goes snooping around Near's room and finds some INTERESTING magazines... *Set in Whammy House days - One-shot*

Fruits of Memories ``` Death Note
Light and L pass each other on a path years before the Kira investigation. Inspired by an artwork by borammy on Devientart called death note Ryto and L. OneShot.

At My Mercy ``` Death Note
Raito is the prisoner. L is the captor. Raito is meant to be at L's mercy. So why does L feel like he's his at Raito's mercy? WARNING: malexmale. Don't like? Don't read.

Laid ``` Death Note
Was listening to a song, and imagened L singing it about Raito. Don't like the title, but I couldn't think of anything else and that's the name of the song.

Death Note randomness ``` Death Note
A pile of random Oneshot death note thingys that locked themselves in my head then demanded that I let them out. Has no real point.

Cell Block Tango ``` Teen Titans
The Teen Titans find a girl, and find out she is inhabited by the spirits of the 'Six Merry Murderesses'. Based on the Chicago song 'Cell Block Tango'.

Slade Wants His Money! ``` Teen Titans
Ever wondered why Robin left batmans side? Wondered why he went to Jump City? Or maybe you wondered why Slade seems obsessed with Robin? And maybe you wonder how Robin could even think of becomeing Red X? Well the answers lie in this oneshot story. Crack!fic.

An Indecisive Diet ``` Twilight Saga
I'm not quite as disciplined as you." she gave a light snort of laughter. "Or more accurately, I don't want to be as disciplined as you. To extend the vegetarian metaphor," and here she gave a toothy smile, "I couldn't bare to give up my meat."