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Gold Nation

Gold Nation
A graphic novel with a strong theme of secrets and deceite.

A Tribe destined to die - forever. The Gold Tribes were once a Nation, they ruled over all lands. Then began the Fall.
Peace & Void condemed their leaders to die. Armies were shattered, rulers were left without aid, rebellion was simple.
The few that were left showed only good, they travelled in groups, and all knew them as the Gold *Gyp* Tribe. Famous for their unique symbol on a single gold piece around every Gyp's neck. Others were not so peaceful about their overthrow.
The *Ba'd's* were bitter, and turned away from charity. Ba'd never forgot what had happened to the Gold Tribe at the first sign of weakness,
and sought to employ the same policy with others. They wore no gold piece, instead they carved their promises into their skin scarring and dying themselves.

It is from this world that a Gold Tribe boy emerges - determined to save his tribe from extinction.

But everyone has something to hide.