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Jaye's Links

Nothing special - just a bunch of links.

Name Banner Description
Cursed MoonS
Is virused.
Owned by webmistress Akane, this wonderful site is in both English and Japanese (and a section is in Spanish).
The site is split into 3 main sections: Daylight, the fan site (Death Note, Ragnarok Online and Yami no Matsuei) - Moonlight, original manga - Twilight, Akane's first published manga (this section is in English or Spanish).
The site also hosts a popular fan game called 'D.Nd: Poisoned' (a Death Note, MelloxNear game). A sequel (named 'D.Nd: Infection') is in the making.
SNAFU N/A A site that hosts an array of webcomics. I like (regularly follow) about half the comics on this site, so I figured instead of cluttering everything up I'd just add this one link.
FanFiction.Net (or N/A A fanfiction site with a large collection of all different fictions and now a new crossover section.
(I'm a member!) N/A's sister site. Instead of fan based works, this site is for original fiction.
(Also a member).
Wammys House - A forum based RPG set in the 'Death Note' world at Wammys House.
Lovely site, but a bit slow. (Member!)