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Jaye's 'I Am Me Shaped' header

Welcome men, women, inbetween and those yet to decide!
This is my page for all things on sexuality and gender. And I have a lot of opinions on these matters.

Let me give you some context. I was having a discussion once, about councellors, and about how they try and fit you into a certain catergory.
"Oh they have a stepparent, so they must hate their stepparent and that's where the issues are coming from." Etc, etc.
I described it as if we (people) are wooden shapes being fitted into wooden holes.
(Like this toy:

Remember that?)
The point I had been trying to prove, was that sometimes you come across a person so odd that they don't really fit any of the holes already on the bench.
It was promptly pointed out to me that there is only one hole I will ever perfectly fit and that is a 'me' shaped hole.
Because, of course, we are all 'me' shaped.

We're all unique little snowflakes, just like everyone else.

But back to the topic at hand.

First, let's run through some definitions:

The type of people (or creature) one is attracted to.

Sexually attracted to people who are the same [biological] gender as you.
Generally, the term lesbian refers to homosexual women and gay refers to homosexual men.

Sexually attracted to people who are the oppesite [biological] gender to you.

Sexually attracted to both men and women.
That is, there are aspects of men that attract you and aspects of women that attract you.

Sexually attracted to people regardless of gender. Similar to bisexual, except bisexual recognises gender
in it's attraction while pansexual does not. (Pansexuals commonly describe themselves as 'gender-blind').

Sexually attracted to anything. Or possibly everything. (I should look this up again.)

Lack of sexual attraction.
Also known as nonsexual and can also be simple a lack of interest in and desire for sex.

Someone born with a biologically ambiguous gender.
That is, their genitalia is indistinguishable as clearly male or female genitalia.

Roles that society dictates certain people fufill.

One's perceived notion of how a female should act.
Shaped by culture, lifestyle, family, friends, media and similar influences.

One's perceived notion of how a male should act.
Shaped by culture, lifestyle, family, friends, media and similar influences.

A person who feels that their biological gender does not match
their perceived notion of [that gender's] role.

One's perceived notion of a third gender role.
Generally shaped most by culture, but also shaped by lifestyle, family, friends, media and similar influences.

Perceiving one's self as either both male and female or neither male nor female.
Genderqueer tends to be an all-in-all term for anyone who can't directly identify as a certain gender.

One who doesn't perceive notions of gender.
The notion that should have been formed by the above stated influences is not formed.

Encompasses all perceived genders.

Now, Genderneutral is one that may need a bit more explanation, especially since I don't think you'll find information else where on it.
Yes - this is a term I made up. I made it up because I became confused about my gender.
After stressing about being transgender, about not being transgender and about the fact that I barely knew what gender meant, I calmed down and did some research.
I got a lovely suggestion from a Miss Genevieve (I hope she doesn't mind the shout-out)
that I may have to make up my own term for how I perceived my gender. So here it is.
I have found one reference of genderneutral in regards to gender identity.
Unfortunatly, this term seems to be more directly genderqueer than specifically genderneutral. Thus, I believe my term stands.

Also, perhaps you question my continued use of the word 'perceived'. From all evidence and information I have
been able to gather, gender is NOTHING but a perception. Gender is nothing but an agreed upon notion. hence my constant use of the word perceived.


So I was wandering the internet, feeling emotional (mainly 'cause I'm up too late tonight) and I get to thinking about my gender. I mean, talk about alone, I can't even identify as a standard transgender.
So get to thinking about words and prefixes and I decide to search 'pangendered again' and see why I didn't like the term. Oh yeah, that's why. *duh* But that gets me thinking.
So I look up omnigendered. From my poor grasp of prefixes and their origins, omnigender should roughly translate into every-gender. My oh my doesn't that sound fitting?
So I search the term and see if anyone else has ever published this bright idea. 'Lo and behold: Sex Dictionary.
I *heart* you, internet. You let me find wonderful things like this that make me feel not so alone. You also let me secretly order things I wouldn't currently want showing up at my door in a labled package.
*sneaky laugh*

I will bring more to this page at a later date, but for now it is just this.

I leave you all with a brief list of websites that may help you understand these dealings more.

* Wikipedia - can be edited by anyone, but it still has a good overview. But in particular:
- The LGBT portal and
- The Transgender portal
* Queer Attitude - a site that is as anonymous as you want it to be; geared towards youths.
* And, of course, search engines. They are a true wonder.