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So this little corner is basically 'cause everytime I go to use a blog I just *rage* at it for a while before I /ragequit.
Thus, this will work similar to a blog. Let my first act be how sorry I am that I didn't start this sooner.
Well damn.

Apparently I fail at updatign this. So the news is a bit jumpy...

18 April, 2010
Status: Opening Day

Hello blog! This is the first entry. Whoop. I have just bought Star Wars Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. It sounds fun, I can hardly wait. But my download limit is stuffed so um... *sheepish*
Also, my iPod's whereabouts are as for the moment unknown. *query* Should I send a search party?
Started a thread today on swtor forum. I love the 'Morality Quiz' threads, so I thought I'd start one myself. Main problem: I can't exactly take them myself. *sadface* Crazy thing though; I posted it in the morning - when I checked it in the arvo it already had a full page. o_0 Wow.

Ember Fury - cathy brett (IP)
The Monster in The Box - ruth rendell (IP)

Todays Query: "Why are the soles of my feet so rough?"

4 May, 2010
Status: International Star Wars Day

Happy International Star Wars Day! I only found out a few hours ago, which is sad. I swung my light up keychain Lightsaber in honor of the day... while making sound effects. Hee hee, I'm such a nerd. My friend (Vanish) and I have decided what we'll do next year: Stage a public Lightsaber battle! It would be epic.
In other news, I have many, many games now thanks to the lovely Vanish. He recently gave me the Orange Box (which is slightly more than three games, for those who don't know) for my birthday. Which I know realise I probably should've blogged for. Hmmm...
Anyway, I now own Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 (etc) and Portal all from the Orange Box. Of course I still have to get around to finishing Mass Effect ... and Dragon Age: Origins ... and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (so as to make mods) ... and now I have Star Wars: Force Unleashed to finish ... and um I have these random games called Spellforce and Spellforce 2. Basically I have a lot of games.

Also, work is a bitch. There is currently much of it and it is in high prioriety. Or it should be. Hmph.
Truely I have many things to do. Write (*cough*FINISH*cough*) stories - fanfictions, finish scripting games, finish playing games, make some outfits - casual, Lolita and Cosplay. I have a very full list of things to do.

One of which is writing how I plan to spend a future holiday overseas - in Japanese. I am determined. *smile*
And an update on that thread I made last time - it's currntly sitting on 13 default pages. *grin* It's a lot of effort, but well worth it.

Dragon Age The Calling - david gaider (IP)
The Monster in The Box - ruth rendell (On Hold)

Todays Query: ":D"

24 June, 2010
Status: Powered Up!

I havn't updated in oh so long. So this is me updating. :D
So who else has heard of DCUO? It sounds fun, but there's next to no info on it. DCUO - DC Universe Online (an MMO). I have a villian and a hero mad from some other time, so I reckon I'll reuse them. I really wish I knew ONE thing though - ANTI sides. You know, the anti-villian or anti-hero. The sorta 'thrid side' of heroes and villians, someone whose either both or neither. 'Cause I know EXACTLY who'll be my main if that side is there.
Decide Your fate (the swtor forum) is slowly getting back on its feet. but the forums been down, you know, just to piss me off. >:( Anyway.
That's all for now, really. My life dies at this time, but next year! Oh I can't wait for next year...

Stolen Voices -
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - tom baker
The Eternal Kiss - compilation of authors

Todays Query: "Cold in the mornings but hot in the arvo's; you just can't win can you?"