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I知 Jaye, sometimes known as Feline Jaye. I'm Australian and proud.

I知 a polyamorous qenderqueer pansexual (quite the mouthful, yes?) who is quite content with zirself and out to mainly everyone.
I知 also an auilranthrope along with being an Aries-Taurus-cusp. (Don稚 believe in cusps? Deal with it *sunnies*)

I'm a part of far too many fandoms to count and I have even more ships than that. Take a gander over to my tumblr for a better idea of all that jazz.

I知 studying to be a teacher, hopefully high school level English-Drama.

As you can probably tell from my home page, I have very broad loves.

I知 a reader of all kinds of fiction, though fiction with fantasy elements tend to be my favourite. And when I say all kinds of fiction I really mean it - I love books, fanfiction, comic books, manga and other graphic novels.
I also write a tonne of fiction under the pen name Tall Tails. Head back to the homepage to check out some of my work.

As well as writing stories, I often roleplay online. I usually play on online Play-By-Post or Forum-Based sites and am at an advanced level of roleplay. Homepage also has a list of my roleplay characters.

Under the pen name (pencil name?) Scratches I infrequently (and with minimal success) illustrate. Which is a fancy way of saying I make art.

With the name Calico I very infrequently sew. I love to sew (and am pretty good at it) but I just never seem to get around to my planned projects. It also helps, of course, that my paternal Grandmother is a professional costume designer and that my mummy was a textile worker. CosCalico is a subgroup of all my cosplay gear, as I love to cosplay.

I love to game - action-adventure is my preferred genre but most any genre is good if the game is good. Bioware is a favourite company of mine.
I also program my own games. Currently none are finished but if you check out the OrangeApple link on the home page you can find out about my projects.