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Role Play Characters

A brief introduction. Role playing games (RPG); a game where you take on the role of another character.
The exact meaning has been interpreted many ways over time, but my interpretation is a game where you can act out your concept of a character.
These games are a brilliant way to practice writing and are also a good form of method acting.

I roleplay. A lot. And I invest so much time and energy into making characters that I like to then carry them around and reuse them.
So I figured I'd write a summary of my reoccuring roleplay characters.


I spent a lot of time creating these characters and am very proud of them.
Stealing one of my own characters is like kidnapping my child. Please don't, I really care for them.

So by all means, browse my creations and click 'Ctrl F' if your looking for a certain someone.
Active characters all have links to role play forums they're a part of.
If you know of any sites to play on (especially for inactive characters) then I would love if you contacted me about them.

Happy browsing,
- Jaye

Annica Bentley

Supernatural `` Early 20's `` Grey-a

A charming young woman with a sharp skill for hunting anything supernatural.
Also happens to be a homocidal psychopath who hunts just because she wants to kill stuff.
Has a Hunting partner in Elijah.

Why I Enjoy this Character
Annica is a blast to play. Watching her lie her head off is as amusing as anything and the contrast
between the fake face she puts on and her murderous thoughts is brilliant. There's a creepy kind of thrill in seeing her be her real, unempathetic self as well.

Status: Active {at Swan Song}

Elijah Matheson

Supernatural `` Early 20's `` Androsexual (Gay)

A quiet young man with a love for everything supernatural. He's been researching everything even remotely mythical since he was a child.
Offered to help Annica find supernatural creatures to kill when she threatened his life.
Has a Hunting partner in Annica. (Is sometimes known as Ezekiel).

Why I Enjoy this Character
He's so passionate but so terrified! Elijah really loves what he's doing (learning about the supernatural) but every move
he makes is somewhat dampened by the ever hanging threat of Annica. It sounds cruel to say, but playing such a nice-hearted
character that's being forced into such a bad situation is enjoyable.

Status: Active {at Swan Song}

Sebastian Jørgensen

X-Men `` Teenager `` Andro-Gynesexual (Bisexual)

A young electromagnetic mutant who attends Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters.
Has a strong conviction to his pro-mutant stance, but believes in a peaceful take over (rather than wiping out all humans).
Has an older brother called Napoleon.

Why I Enjoy this Character
Sebastian is another very passionate person, but this time with more drive. He's sort of stumbling his way
through puberty so he second guesses a lot of the world but he is determined about the few things (mutant superiority
and his brother) he really believes in. The contrast between his childlike self and the maturity that came with being
thrust into the mutant world is bold but interesting.

Status: Active {at In the Wake of Humanity}

Napoleon Jørgensen

X-Men `` Teenager `` Androsexual (Gay)

A young human man who should probably attend school more if he wants to graduate.
Has a strong conviction in his pro-mutant stance, but believes in a peaceful take over (rather than wiping out all humans).
He honestly believes mutants are better than him and would die for promutant causes.
Has a younger brother called Sebastian.

Why I Enjoy this Character
A human who really believes in the mutant cause. Napoleon really has little to no shame and that's always fun to shock
people with. Playing a human in roleplays that are usually mutant-dominate is also a nice difference.

Status: Active {at In the Wake of Humanity}

Réli Kain

Misc. Werewolf `` Late teens/Early 20's `` Androsexual (Straight)

A half-Russian, half-French girl who is the youngest of three in a family of werewolves.
The problem is she's not a were[b]wolf[/b] - she's a were[b]fox[/b] and no one knows why she's the oddity in the family.
Currently lives with her uncle.

Why I Enjoy this Character
Réli holds a special place in my heart because she was (save for a few false starts) the first character I ever roleplayed as. She's happy
and peppy and unbelievably volatile with her 180 anger problem. Her family (lupine/vulpine) issues are also lovely to play with.

Status: Inactive

Domino - Casey 'Chuck' Charles

DC Universe `` Late teens `` Androsexual (Straight)

A happy-go-lucky, if not kind of snobbish, girl who lives in Gotham.
Under the mask, she is neither villian nor vigilante. Rather she is both
and she sets out to make a mockery of everyone in a mask and cape.
Making fun of both sides earns her few friends, though.

Why I Enjoy this Character
She's such a flippant and zero-cares kind of girl. She's here for no other reason than just to take the piss out of everyone.
Watching her walk the line between villain and vigilante is brilliant. (And now I notice that I have a lot of two-faced characters)

Status: Inactive

Akatsukiko 'Dawn' Kishimoto

Death Note `` Early 20's `` Gynesexual (Gay)

An introverted computer geek who's started at University.
Supports Kira (but as a man, not a god). She comes alive on the internet, with her websites and her game testing.
Has passive paranoia. Though she believes she's always watched, she has learnt to live with it.

Why I Enjoy this Character
I haven't played her much but I like how she fits into the world. She's rather mundane compared to the canon characters, but she's got
a few quirks that lets her hold her own. Also that she's a Kira supporter, but doesn't believe that Kira is a god at all.

Status: Inactive

Cualli - Thomas Flynn

Death Note `` Young teens `` Unknown

An orphan at Whammy's House with a wildly imaginative thought process.
While technically in line for L's position, he doesn't stand out at Whammy's for anything except English Studies.
That and his trouble with distinguishing what is and isn't real are draw backs to his ranking.
He's schizophrenic along with having dikephobia (a fear of justice).

Why I Enjoy this Character
Okay so every Whammy's kid is quirky. That's their thing. I like to think I've put my own spin on the whole concept though - a detective-to-be
who is afraid of justice? Someone who works on a different level of reality than everyone else? He'd be a bizzare detective, if he ever got that far.
And his unlikiness for the position of L is why I find him fascinating.

Status: Inactive

Fleance Lai de Niévre

Misc. Yaoi `` Late Teens `` Androsexual (Gay)

A geeky French boy who is very submissive and that's not just in love and lust.
He's an albino boy who is socially awkward but generally friendly.
He aspires to become a professional programmer of some capacity.
And, just maybe, to find a boyfriend before he's twenty.

Why I Enjoy This Character Well, mainly because he's rather submissive. I haven't played him much
but he is such a push-over. It's really quite fun to play a character who's so easily pushed and prodded
and generally manipulated.

Status: Inactive

Kate Fillium Ssassiffm

Harry Potter `` Mid Teens `` Androsexual (Straight)

A happy-go-lucky Slytherin girl who shows that not all snakes are plotting evil - some just prefer minor mayhem.
From a pureblood family reknown for their Parselmouth ancestory, her family doesn't ally with their side of the war.
This doesn't make her life all that easy.

Why I Enjoy This Character Not my first, but one of my first characters, so she has a soft spot in my heart.
I like her jokey personality and Slytherins are pretty badarse in general. Unfortunatly I think she's a bit too
Mary-Sue to keep playing with. She may be revised in the future or just dropped altogether.

Status: Inactive