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Star Wars: the Old Republic

Hello and welcome to my own fan base for Star Wars: the Old Republic!

[For those that don't actually know about Star Wars: the Old Republic (swtor), click the title and you'll be linked to swtor's homepage.]

SWTOR is an MMORPG set in the Star wars universe, in the era of the Old Republic. This is hundreds of centuries before ANY of the Star Wars movies.
It is being made by Bioware [KOTOR, Mass Effect, Dragon Age], with permission from LucasArts.

Star Wars :the Old Republic has now been launched in North America and parts of Europe.
Sadly, der Australia along with much more of the world is left hanging. Luckily we are apparently getting Oceanic servers set up down here in Aus.

This is my page dedicated to SW:tOR.
It lists forum threads I am following. It lists the characters I plan on playing. And perhaps more.

So feel free to stick around; I hope to see you in game!


Player Characters


The threads have been wiped and renewed, so this list is blank for now.

And for whomever cares, my username is Feline_Jaye.

Classes & Factions
So, being an MMORPG there are classes you can choose to play as. Bioware adds (and emphasises) a new flavour though: Every class will be substantially different.
No matter what class you roll Bioware assures us that you'll never do the same quest twice.
To add conflict, ther are also two factions (sides) - The Republic and the Empire. These are both (hopefully) pretty obvious factions, who are currently at war with each other.

There are eight classes, four per faction.

The Republican classes are:
∙ Trooper
∙ Smuggler
∙ Jedi Knight
∙ Jedi Consular

And the Imperial classes are:
∙ Bounty Hunter
∙ Sith Warrior
∙ Imperial Agent
∙ Sith Inquisitor

These are all meant to be the most iconic classes from the Star Wars universe.

Now personally, I'm most excited about the Sith Inquisitor, but really I can't wait for all these classes.
Perhaps the best way is through this picture:

SW:tOR Class Preferences

The from the top being my main to the bottom being my least favourite.
And now individually.

The Empire

I'll start with the Imperial Classes because I prefer the dark-side.

Sith Inquisitor
Basically, the Sith Inquisitor (SI) is EPIC.
By a nice coincidence; one of the (speculated) SI specs is my favoured playing style, namely running into the middle of a bunch of people and melee-ing the shit out of everyone (while healing... A LOT). And that's what the Assassin spec seems to be. You lightsaber, only complimenting a little with Force powers (and have healing powers!).
They are the manipulators, the Sith leaders. They are show-offs and ruthless.
I can't wait.
Holonet Page, Trailer and Class Progression Video

Bounty Hunter
I think the Boutny Hunter wins for one main reason: Lightsabers can block blaster bolts - but they're not very effective against FLAMETHROWERS!
Boutny Hunter looks pretty fun, basically. And I liked doing bounties in KOTOR.
Class Progression Video, Trailer and Holonet Page

Imperial Agent
The Imperial Agent (IA) intrigued me. And now, with more information out, it intrigues me even more!
This is, again, a rather persuasion based class and persuasion is one talent I always like. Besides, I wanna play a spy ...IN SPACE!
Holonet Page, Trailer and Class Progression Video

Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior is the Imperial class I'm least interested in. I'm not sure exactly why - it just that their kind of strength doesn't seem very interesting to me.
I still plan on playing it. And hey - if anyone can pleasently disappoint my expectations, it's Bioware.
Class Progression Video, Trailer and Holonet Page

The Republic

Smuggler's. Are. Awesome. 'Nuff said. ...Oh? You expect more? *grin* Smuggler's do look pretty cool, and out of any Republic class this one sounds the coolest.
I imagine them as implusive and possibly a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
Holonet Page, Trailer and Class Progression Video

Jedi Consular
Supossedly, the Inquisitor's mirror. Backroom politics complimented with a crowd controlling Force Push and a few precise strike from their Lightsaber.
My kind of Jedi. *grin*
Class Progression Video, Trailer and Holonet Page

Perhaps I've become biased since playing Mass Effect, but then again who says that's a bad thing?
The Trooper. Not just your common foot soldier, though. The Trooper is part of an elite sect of the Republic Navy - trained so well that they can go toe-to-toe with a Sith.
And win. That's right - that's how bad-ass they are.
Holonet Page, Trailer and Class Progression Video

Jedi Knight
The Sith Warrior's mirror, so I'm sure it's unsurprising that this is the Republic class I'm least enthusiastic about.
Jedi Knights are probably the most iconic classes in the game out of all of them. Actually, now that I think about it, it might be because of the fact that a Jedi Knight is so well known that I'm not so interested.
That plus the similar play-style/story to the Sith Warrior. It's just doesn't sound like my cuppa.
Class Progression Video, Trailer and Holonet Page