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Star Wars: the Old Republic

The following will be my PCs [player characters] for the MMORPG Star Wars: the Old Republic. As soon as I get the game, anyway. I'm going to be majorly upset if the names are taken. And, of course, they probably will be. :(

They haven't really got any background info, because, you know, we don't really know how our players will start off. So they have their barest of backgrounds.

~ Jaye

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Darth Mau

Darth Mau Tagline

Name: Mau (Varjek)
Alias: Darth Mau
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Specialisation: Assassin
Gender: Female
Age: 20's/30's

Ethnicity: Caucasian
General Apperance: Her dull, black, midback length hair is in a 'ring-bun' when tied-up (usually tied-up when under hood) and is of a fairly uniform length. She has deep, dark hazel eyes which are cynically lidded. A strong, athletic build, but with her hips commonly cinched in by her clothing. Her skin is greyed by the Dark Side, with shiny, scar-like marks spiking across her hands and from her lower hairline up to her jaw.
Clothing (In general:(
Full length robe with strong shoulder pads that are partially aesthetic. The robe is a dark rich black, completely lined with a red silk and cinched at the hips by dark red leather corset embroidered with red silk. Her flared sleeves end at the elbows. The bottom of her robe is richley embroidered with red silk.

Alignment: (Smart) Dark Side
General: Mau craves power, that much is true. But a true political master, she knows whose toes to step on when reaching the top. She won't commit mass murder just because it's 'evil' - she'll even help people in need. All because she holds the theory that then they owe her a favour, if she helps them now she could gain a powerful ally in the future.
she does try to keep her anger in check, though she's a vicious temper when she looses it. Mau is aware that angry outbursts rarely solve anything and so keeps them to a minimum. sadness is rarely envoked within her - she has little to be sad about. Mau formed the opinion long ago that sadness only ever hinders you, so she substitutes what she thinks are more active emotions at times when others would be sad.
Love, she knows, is a dangerous emotion. It can cause you to do the wildest things - the stupidist, strangest, wildest, most illogical things. But she still harbours childhood dreams of kissing the perfect partner, of loving them, of fighting beside them, of doing anything for them.

Role Play Elements:
Largely unknown, save for her network of fellow slaves from before her Sith days.

Mau's Ascent
Companions: How To Win Companions

Tai Khaos

Tai Khaos Tagline

Name: Tai (Khaos)
Alias: TK
Class: Bounty Hunter
Specialisation: Powertech
Gender: Female
Age: 20's/30's
Background: Outlaw (and suddenly, she never knew her parents)

Ethnicity: Japanese
General Apperance: her hair is bleached to a red-orange stage and is chopped so that her fringe is made up of locks and her hair doesn't really go past the nape of her neck, it's smooth and silky. Her classic thin, oval eyes have a dispatching highlight shining from the navy blue-grey pupils. Her curves are exaggerated by her very small waist, but she is generally well-built. She has a classic small nose and her ears sit back close to her head. An average pale complexion (for her race) with a subtle yellow tint.
Clothing (In general:(
She generally wears her heavy armour, but her helmet is a 50-50 chance. She prefers armour in light colours (such as pastels and baby shades), commonly she wears white and pastel blue armour. It is scratched and scruffed, showing shiney silver underneath.

Alignment: (Financial) Dark Side
General: Two things were instilled in her at a very young age - the importance of money and the honor of battle.
Money its self was useless - no one wanted money. But to gain objects, you needed money. Thus the want of money is born. Weapons don't run on good will and Tai learnt quickly that the top range came at top prices. If the price is right, she'll do anything - hence her becomeing a Bounty Hunter.
But she was also instilled with an odd respect for life. Many she believed where a waste of space - they speant their lives doing nothing. But she held respect for those who worked hard for riches, for the influential, for those with great battle prowness. If the job says to kill a target, she will, but she has also been known to walk away from a target and drop the bounty if she respects them too much.
She does her best to neutralise herself of emotions, being taugh at a young age how they can give a heavy negative impact on ones actions.

Role Play Elements:
Family: Mother: Emi Khaos (Alive to this day, Emi is a loyal housewife.)
Father: Haruto Khaos (Alive to this day, Haruto has vaugley Mandolorian philosophies.)

Tai's Origin


Envy Tagline

Name: Natal Vicia (Eves)
Alias: Envy ('NV')
Class: Smuggler
Specialisation: Gunslinger
Gender: Female
Age: Late teens/early 20's
Background: Corellian Nomad

Ethnicity: American
General Apperance: Her peroxide blonde hair hangs straight down the sides of her head, if not with a slight taiper (smallest at top). Her thin crafty eyes are a bright, gem-like balance between green and blue. Though well curved, it's her hips that stand out as her most attractive curve, she is otherwise rather slender. Though her mouth is usually open (laughing or chatting or singing) and thus obscure her lips, they are nonetheless commonly (and accruatly) described as 'highly kissable'. Her skin has a 'healthy' tan.
Clothing (In general:(
She usually wears a red tank top with an off-white green-trimmed mini-jacket over the top. She wears dark blue pants which are mostly covered by her knee high boots. Holding up her pants is a brown belt with a golden, oval shaped buckle - complete, of course, with holsters. She always wears a leather thong around her neck with a gold-looking square that had just one credit in it; "So I'm never again broke."

Alignment: (Unlawful) Light Side
General: Growing up in a big family cerainly teaches you one thing; careing. When everyone is just as responsible for everyone else as they are for themselves, you learn how to make sure everyone is alright.
She is normally pretty carefree, if not flirtatious.

Role Play Elements:
Envy doesn't know her father (all she knows is that he was some passing stranger), and her mother has been the sole carer of every little critter to carry the Eves name. Her mother mainly works in the local cantina, but she also does whatever other jobs she can. Envy has many brothers and sisters, both older and younger than herself.

When Envy Met Bowdaar (Wookiee name liable to change).


Aziz Tagline

Name: Jazmin (Aistine)
Alias: Jazz, Aziz
Class: Imperial Agent
Specialisation: Operative
Gender: Female
Age: Early 30's
Background: Cybernetic Experiment

Ethnicity: African (possibly African-American)
General Apperance: Her black-blue hair is thick, smooth, cool and lusterous, with an opalescent shine. One eye is covered by her side fringe, but the rest hangs heavy down to her midback. Her eyes are lidded with knowledge, but if fully open would be large, dark rich green, 'puppy dog' eyes. Her hips and waist are narrow but lead into long, flexible, slender legs; her bust would be the most prominent curve and even that is more subtle. She has a slightly rounded face (but not chubby-looking) with an upturned nose and a scar down the left of her neck from a close encounter on an old mission.
Clothing (In general:(
Form-fitting and black. It's common to see her in long black pants, a black sweater and black ankle boots.

Alignment: (Loyal) Light Side
General: Aziz is a rather timid individual. She is quiet, humble and modest to the last. This, of course, was one of the many traits that made her such a prime candidate to be an Imperial Assasain. She was told by family and peers alike that that would be where she would flourish. She can be bullied into choices and situations, but this pushover attitude switches right off like a switch in a droid when she is on a mission. On a mission, she is all business. She memorizes exactly what her mission is and completes it with little to know evidence linking her to it. She carries out her mission to the letter. Of course, this also means that in nonspecific missions she can exercise mercy. She doesn't take pleasure in killing, and treats it purely as a job. She is generally shy and timid, even around people she knows. She is commonly nervous, but not in an anxious way, and is usually in a pleasent mood. She smiles in appreciation and a giggle from her is a huge compliment. Generally rather happy-go-lucky, she rarely gewts mad or sad. When she does get mad, she starts to transition into her 'mission mode' - the madder she gets the more into mission mode she goes. She is no stranger to saddness, due to her nature, she is a common target for bullies. Being kind, she tries to turn the other cheek but somethings really hurt her. Though she tries not to, Aziz can be prone to cry if someone hurts her out of spite or she is yelled at or if something cruel happens to her. Of course, the sorrow worsens if the event is worse than these. Her mission mode is a frame of mind she was told to form, early in her training. It is a frame of mind where her efficiancy is at an optimum. She can block out anything she doesn't need to hear, she can step lighter than a [cat], she can throw her body like an [somewhere] acrobat. And she can generally keep her emotions neutralized. She tries to have little contact with others when on a mission, as this 'mode' is fragile due to her own conflicting beliefs. Aziz is a very shy woman and it is no different when it comes to love. She blushes and stutters and can be a true portrait of an ignorantly lovestruck woman. She doesn't understand a lot about love, but the thing she doesn't understand most is why many of her friends talk so avidly about the men - royal men, Sith men, even the 'bad boy' Bounty Hunter men - while she finds herself accidently gazing at women walking past.

Role Play Elements:
Family: A two parent, two and a half children family. She was raised to know exactly what was expected of her and unwaveringly loyal to the Imperial government.

Aziz's Logs